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The Dark Beneath The Dark Beneath - The controversial cult classic available to rent for the first time in 40 years!

This never released 1969 film is an undiscovered classic! The Dark Beneath follows the horrific journey of a group of hippies that stumble upon a secluded house in the countryside. Living in the house are an old woman and her deranged son who hunt down the unsuspecting kids and drag them into their basement of horror.

Director: Ted Radford

Starring: Ted Radford & Agatha Radford

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The Air We Breathe The Air We Breathe

This is an underground documentary released briefly by a student from Harvard in 1995 that disclosed CIA information on an airborne disease that slowly wreaked havoc on a small community in New Mexico. The virus is said to be the first of its kind to have a short, controlled lifetime span. Independently produced and distributed, the CIA stopped all prints of this film. There are online petitions floating around asking the government to allow the public to see this film, but those are also quickly halted. The Harvard student currently lives in Boston, MA next to a pub and a convenient store.

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Life of A Dead Man Life of A Dead Man

A guard at San Quentin videotaped his own reality documentary of a "Dead Man Walking". Dubbed the "freakiest video of all time", it details the psychological breakdown of a murderous criminal facing the end of his life. Because there are several scenes of brutality on the part of the guards, the video was confiscated. There is a copy floating around and we have it.

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