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Inquisition Film Acquires Distribution Rites to the Controversial Horror Film: The Dark Beneath


Inquisition Film is proud to announce its acquisition of Ted Radford’s horror film, THE DARK BENEATH.


THE DARK BENEATH was brought to notoriety with the strange disappearance of the inmates at NewHaven Psychiatric Ward on June 14, 2006. Among the missing inmates was THE DARK BENEATH’s director, Ted Radford.


Ian Barthwick – CEO Inquisition Film:


THE DARK BENEATH is a property I have been after for many years. I have never actually seen it, well who are we kidding, practically no one has. But it has been whispered about for years in the horror community. I am itching to see it, but am waiting to see it for the first time on the big screen.


It is noteworthy to mention that Ted Radford and the rest of the inmates at the Newhaven Psychiatric Hospital went mysteriously missing. Evidence left behind after the possible escape has lead authorities to believe that a cult may have been involved. The case is still open with the Newhaven Police Department.


I do not think that releasing the film on the anniversary of the NewHaven incident is at all in bad taste. I think that the tragedy in the NewHaven Psychiatric Ward makes this film even more intriguing. It is rumored that Ted Radford was actually watching the film the night of the disappearance.


Since starting Inquisition Film, Acquiring THE DARK BENEATH has been somewhat of an obsession of Barthwick’s.


I once tried to visit director Ted Radford in NewHaven about 6 years ago to convince him to license the film to me, but his doctors were adamant that my visit would excite him too much and kept me from seeing him. After the NewHaven tragedy, the film was tied up in the court system. Well, that is finally behind us and the film is ready for release.


Inquisition Film is proud to finally bring this film to the people. Ted Radford was a filmmaker before his time. THE DARK BENEATH was a classic in the making. If it were not for Radford’s untimely incarceration, this movie would have made a big impact in the horror community.


I just hope that Ted, wherever he is, is pleased that more people will be able to view his life’s work.


Inquisition Film has made the full version of THE DARK BENEATH available for private hire for the first time in over 40 years.

Below is the last known news article about Director, Ted Radford before his disappearance.


NewHaven Daily Tablet
August 28, 1964


Controversial Horror Film Director Committed


First time film director Ted Radford was committed to the isolation wing of the NewHaven Psychiatric Ward yesterday. In a bizarre and tragic chain of events, Radford, 34, was declared legally insane in a closed criminal proceeding, following the tragic homicide of his mother Agatha.


While shooting THE DARK BENEATH, a recent self-released horror film, Radford began exhibiting strange behavior. While he has not been convicted of any crimes, he is suspected in several recent animal disappearances. The Daily Tablet has requested details behind the closed door proceedings, but has been denied by the courts.


A recluse all of his life, THE DARK BENEATH is a culmination of Radford’s life’s work. It was the product of a life lived mainly in seclusion in his mother's home where he sketched out hundreds of disturbing images of brutal killing methods and disfigured, dismembered bodies. A life-long fan of horror movies, it seems that Radford used the modest inheritance from his father to bring these deranged visions of his to life in the low-budget horror film.


A source close to the case, legally bound by the gag order, spoke to us anonymously:


Unfortunately the film did not bring an end to Ted’s dark obsessions and sadistic urges. If anything, only served to amplify them further. Indeed, the intense process of making the film gradually began to blur the boundaries between reality and fiction in his head.


Dr. Joseph Taborek, the only one on the record in this bizarre case, explains the possible causation in Radford’s case:


It is ostensibly the case that Ted became emotionally over-invested in the idea that his life’s purpose was to scare people. Such much so that it overwhelmed the other elements of his psyche. His delusional chain of thoughts and obsessive writings obviously lead to behaviors which are abnormal and out of character, although perhaps understandable in the light of his delusional beliefs.


With Radford’s incarceration, THE DARK BENEATH looks to be a box office failure. THE DARK BENEATH has had only a handful of one-off screenings in local drive-ins.


The few who have viewed it rate it extremely highly – a film before its time. Dan Petrando, 72, of Winona, Minnesota, was among those to have been there to see it:


It was horrifying… everyone watching it was freaking out. It’s a classic in my opinion, and believe me, I’ve seen a hell of a lot of horror movies in my time! I really hope more people get a chance to see it.


Only one physical copy of the final cut of film was ever produced. It is currently in lock-up with Radford’s other belongings in Newhaven.